Diamond Ice Noble Vodka

Distilled 4 times

In a multi-step distillation process, the highest quality alcohol is produced. This quality exceeds even the specifications of the Russian Lux category.

In order to obtain a high-quality distillate from the must, it is heated up to 78 ° C. At this temperature, the alcohol boils, rises and is then collected as pure alcohol. This process is repeated several times to recover a particularly pure distillate. The alcohol content of this distillate exceeds 90%.

4 times filtered

  • Prefiltration with sand filters for the separation of solids
  • To improve the organoleptic properties of vodka it is filtered with activated carbon, which absorbs and also catalyzes the oxidative processes
  • After passing the carbon columns filtration through sand filters which creates the transparency of the vodka
  • The fourth filtration stage is called “Silver filtration” – the vodka passes through a filter of best silver threads
  • The remaining liquid is enriched with silver ions which let them shine
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Married with the purest water of Siberia, sour- ced 300 meters deep underground, the resulting symbiosis delivers a taste that is both natural and extraordinary.

Long inaccessible to the rest of the world. The spirit’s secret has now been revealed, and in its heart lies a vodka of surprises. From a wilderness filled with astounding diversity and beauty. This experience has culminated in the unique and distinguished Siberian spirit – that is Diamond Ice Noble Vodka.


The distinctively smooth and pure taste of Diamond Ice Noble Vodka is due to the artesian water that is added through a multi-stage filtration process. Artesian water is ground water confined under pressure between layers of impermeable underground rock. Drawn from under the grounds of the Taiga Valley in Siberia, the purity of the water can be felt with one sip. Rich in oxygen and minerals the water is slowly added to the vodka resulting in an unforgettably smooth flavor.


Crafted with the finest natural ingredients and pure artesian water sourced 300 meters below ground in the Taiga Valley of Siberia Diamond Ice Noble Vodka will touch the heart of the true connoisseur. To those who love vodka we intro- duce a well-kept secret distilled in Siberia whose heritage goes back to over 100 years. For the first time Diamond Ice Noble Vodka expands beyond the borders of its rich heritage. A testa- ment to a tradition of pleasure and authenticity. The purest vodka is created to combine softness with strength. An unforgettably smooth vodka.


The starch in the ground wheat is released, lique- fied, converted to grain sugar and gently fer- mented. The first distillation is already indicative of the uniqueness of the production process. A perfect gentle process is used because it avoids overheating. Our experience with this goes back more than 100 years. At this stage Diamond Ice Noble Vodka develops its incomparable flavor. In a second phase the raw distillate is purified and gently condensed. During the final two distillations Diamond Ice Noble Vodka reveals its crystal-cle- ar purity.


«Luxury is to be one of a few». In line with this credo, Diamond Ice Noble Vodka is made very accurately. The exclusive availability and the relief of ICE makes each bottle a distinctly unique item which perfectly matches with the particulari- ty and tradition of the Diamond Ice Noble Vodka brand


Diamond Ice Noble Vodka also adheres its credo of exclusivity when transforming a simple bottle packaging into a perfect thought which con- vinces through its exquisiteness and high quality craftsmanship. With Diamond Ice Noble Vodka, vodka enthusiasts have everything they wish to experience «The treasure of Siberia».