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Caviar is a popular food for Europeans.  Caviar is one of the most delicious dishes served cold.  This popular food, which has countless fans in Europe, is produced and exported by various companies.  But the question is, how can caviar be kept fresh for export?


Fresh caviar in Europe

Many companies use special and antibacterial packages to prevent caviar from spoiling in the export process.  But just preventing caviar from rotting is not enough to guarantee quality.

Caviar is one of the most sensitive foods on the market that reacts quickly to ambient temperature.  Caviar has a pleasant texture and taste, which is spoiled if stored incorrectly.  For example, a number of caviar companies in Europe cause caviar to be broken and eaten by not following the principles of extracting caviar from fish.  Some companies also compress caviar by packing caviar into the eggs.  Failure to use a principled method for caviar exports can cause irreversible losses to consumers and producers.


What are the principles of keeping caviar to send?

Caviar is a moist food that is served cold.  This dish is sometimes served with special alcoholic beverages, as well as caviar for breakfast, a delicious and nutritious food.

There are various methods for exporting and selling caviar in Europe, which must follow several principles:

  •  Fresh caviar
  •  Humidity adjustment
  •  Adjust the ambient temperature
  •  Careful extraction of sturgeon
  •  suitable packaging

Most companies have been able to attract many customers by following these principles.  Exquisit-caviar is one of the companies that strictly observes these principles.  But Exquisit-caviar has chosen different options to increase quality.  The company obtains healthier and better quality sturgeon eggs by carefully selecting the famous sturgeon that produce caviar and closely monitoring the method of extracting caviar from it.  Exquisit-caviar uses more powerful options for packing and shipping for its customers.  Using its special caviar packaging, the company has been able to preserve the texture of caviar eggs without putting pressure on them.  To deliver to the seller.  The German company, based in Hamburg, also regulates the ambient temperature that the caviar goes through until it reaches the customer and prevents the quality from deteriorating.


Who are the buyers of caviar in Europe?

Caviar is a delicious and special food.  This food has many fans in Europe.  The most consumption of this food during the reports prepared by Exquisit-caviar company from its sales of last year has been in luxury restaurants, aristocratic hotels, etc.  This statistic showed Exquisit-caviar that quality can cross large business boundaries.

But the sale of caviar is not limited to luxury and expensive places!  With a variety of nutrients for humans, this food is one of the nutrients that can meet all the needs of the human body system.  According to Exquisit-caviar experts, targeting markets after restaurants, hotels and even homes should be in sports clubs.  Caviar can improve the exercise process of athletes.

The company’s sales experts have studied the properties of caviar and found that caviar with its nutrients can repair damage to the body and accelerate the healing process. The result of this experiment is the creation of alcoholic beverages for Exquisit-caviar.  It is a good suggestion to serve with caviar.  The company ensures the health of its customers by recommending its own alcoholic beverage with caviar.

With full coverage of the European caviar market, Exquisit-caviar has been able to record high sales and gain loyal customers.


Online sales throughout Europe

Exquisit-caviar ships its products all over Europe with precise and beautiful packaging.  The company, located in Hamburg, Germany, has already sent more than 500,000 units of caviar to European countries in the new year.

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