Exquisit Caviar - Your Importeur & Wholesalers for First-Class Caviar

Exquisit Caviar -
Your Importer & Wholesaler for First-Class Caviar

About our Company

With many years of experience and passion, we devote ourselves to caviar and everything that goes with it. Our customers include delicatessens, restaurants, airlines, hotels, commercial customers, as well as private individuals who want to enjoy first-class caviar. Our aim is to offer only the best and highest quality caviar in the world. For this reason, we present our valued customers with an exclusive selection of hand-picked caviar.

We always guarantee high quality and fast delivery in all standard packaging sizes (10g, 30g, 50g, 100g, 125g, 250g, 500g, 1000g and 1750g). The caviar is shipped in special refrigerated containers and the cold chain is never interrupted. Our caviar has a very low salt content (Malossol), so only the necessary minimum is used for excellent processing.


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Our Quality Standards & Quality Assurance

All our caviar products are bred, processed and distributed in strict compliance with CITES regulations.

Our quality control department is equipped with the latest control systems, which enable our experienced staff to constantly control the production and packaging of caviar. This enables us to offer our demanding customers a top quality product. The processing techniques and storage conditions have a significant influence on the quality of the caviar. In order to meet these high requirements, caviar is only processed by highly experienced caviar masters.

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