Exquisit Caviar

The craftsmanship and the know-how of our caviar masters as well as the water quality and the feed used make up our excellent caviar. The grain size reaches impressive proportions and the taste is described by connoisseurs as exquisite. Our range consists exclusively of exquisite caviar of the highest quality.


All our caviar products are grown, processed and distributed in strict compliance with CITES regulations.


Latest control systems that allow the experienced staff to constantly control the production and packaging of caviar.


Only buy hand-picked caviar that has been bred in renowned caviar factories.

Why Exquisit Caviar?

Fine grains at fair prices

Our caviar has been sustainably produced in first-class quality in aquacultures and caviar factories in Iran for several years. We offer our valued customers an exclusive selection of the best caviar varieties – Beluga, Hybrid Gold, Oscietra and Baeri. We believe that the right caviar is the highest level of gastronomic enjoyment. It is one of the most exclusive products and sometimes the most expensive food available in the world. This is why we always guarantee high quality and lightning fast delivery. Our caviar is shipped in special refrigerated containers and the cold chain is never interrupted. Feel free to visit us on our Facebook and Instagram page.